Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doctor's Out Our Ears......

Forget about the fact that we live with a doctor, we can't seem to stay away from them!
Leila will have her MRI to diagnose the cause of her cerebral palsy. It's a total bummer that anesthesia is needed, but answers will help to complete her lifetime puzzle. I'll be going alone which I'm a little nervous about. Tariq was unable to get the time off work at such late notice. I'm not worried about the test, more about driving home with a child that just had anesthesia and no one to keep a constant eye on her during the hour-long drive home. One of my closest friends Kristy is a nurse in the MRI department, luckily she is working that day. Also, the same anesthesiologist that was there for her surgery will be there for the testing. We love this doc.

I'll be going back to my cardiologist tomorrow. While on vacation I awoke during the night with a crushing, severe pain all across my chest. The color ran from my face and sweat poured out, I began to feel faint. With my son blissfully asleep next to me I grabbed his hand and prayed that if I indeed were having a heart attach that He would just take me now. The pain was that severe. I lied down grasping my chest unable to yell out for my husband sleeping at the back of the trailer. Thankfully the pain passed after about two minutes too long. I've since experienced pain radiating down my left arm and neck with occasional difficulty breathing and palpitations. While I pray it was nothing serious, I'm being pro-active about my health based on my heart history and because I have two of the most beautiful children at home and a very handsome husband. I'm not willing to leave them over ignorance.
***Yes I'm a nurse, yes I should have called 911, yes I am stubborn.***

Jalyn decided to get his first ever sinus infection, he's getting so old! Antibiotics and decongestant should do the trick.

I hope this is the end of it as we are leaving for the magical land of Disney very soon.

If you are reading this and are a praying person, it would truly make my day if you could pray for Leila's MRI day. Please pray that all goes according to plan. Please also say a prayer for a gorgeous little girl named Anara. She is from Kyrgyzstan as well and her mommy and daddy rock! They helped us through our most trying times in our quest to bring Leila home. Anara is having surgery as well. Thank you, I truly appreciate it!!!

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  1. Thank you for the prayer request for Anara! She did just fine :) We will be praying for Leila's MRI and for your cardiologist appointment as well. Please keep us posted! We love you guys :)