Saturday, June 6, 2009

To Bring Or Not To Bring.....

That is the Question......
*** I'm asking for all you mama's out there to vote***
Next month we have a trip to Disneyland planned for a celebration of Jalyn's sixth birthday and our seventh anniversary.
To back up a bit, this trip was intentionally planned for Tariq and I to celebrate our anniversary somewhere without kiddo's, then it turned into taking Jalyn to Disney. We had originally planned to take only Jalyn and let Leila have a week with her Amty (and if you know Amty, you know she will have a good time!) The hotel we are staying at has a great child care service in the evenings for Jalyn, the thought being that Jalyn could play there for a few while me and the Mr could go have some adult time;)
Lately we have been going back and forth on our original decision. We have a pull to bring our daughter with us as we enjoy her being around so much. We also have a pull to make this a special time with Jalyn as we can all go on rides and not be restricted by naps etc and if we are able, escape for a date night ourselves since it is our anniversary.
I have heard everything from "you've got to bring the baby there is so much for them to do too" to "are you crazy for bringing the baby, there is nothing there for them especially when you don't have to".............
Now I'm asking you, readers.......
If you could do Disney without a Toddler, would you could you without the guilt? the Dr. Seuss rhyme goes....
Let me know by taking the poll to the right of your screen, or leave me a detailed comment on this page!
Thank you for helping us make this decision!


  1. Hey Sis,

    I know I am not a mother YET..but if it was me...I would bring my little girl. Leila is almost two.. I think she would LOVE IT. If it's a family vacation..its a family vacation...You just make it work. All the fun your family is going to have..the pictures, the want Leila to be a part of them :) There is tons of things she can do.. She will get to see Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White.. thats magical for a little girl. When I was a little girl, I couldnt wait to meet them and see them in person. Leila is such a Girly Girl.. I know she would be amazed. Like I said.. I am not a mom yet, but I know there wouldnt be a doubt in my mind.. I would bring Leila, love you

  2. Hi Kelli,
    I can see both points of view (to bring or not to bring). However, I lean towards the decision to let Leila stay with her aunt. Jalyn will be so excited about going on rides with his Mom and Dad, and having non-stop action at Disneyland. Having a toddler might really slow things down for him. Also, it will probably be hot and crowded -- would Leila get cranky? It's a tough decision because you want to be with your daughter, too. Whatever you decide, feel no guilt because you are ultimately acting in the best interests of your children. One more thing --have a great anniversary!