Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Never Win

We had our family pictures done with Blue Lilly Photography. Oh how I love Wendy... She is a beautiful spirit.

She has give-aways regularly on her blog and I never win. I may sound like a sore looser and that's because quite frankly I am. I've never won a thing in my life.
Check out her website and try to win yourself, at least maybe I'll know someone who has the pleasure of being lucky.
Notice all the places she's going this year! She is one busy girl, I honestly don't know how she keeps her sanity.

She is coming to Phoenix in November and I think we'll do our family pictures again then. I loved the Christmas cards she made, just beautiful (thanks to photo shop).

Maybe just maybe we can get her to come to Michigan one day if there is enough interest generated. So if you like Wendy's work, e-mail her! Tell her you want her in the Great Lakes! I'd be happy to make a trip for family pictures there! Seriously how beautiful with all the green!

Here's to Wendy and all the families she makes look beautiful.......

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