Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's cold in Cali people!
We arrived earlier today to find someone in our spot and nowhere to be found. After two hours of searching for them our neighbor finally found them...playing horseshoes. We got a free night, which is HUGE for this place. Can you believe they charge $25/night to rent a fire ring? Crazy.
There is more money floating around this place than I can even imagine. Couples younger than us with $400,000 toys. A lot of silicone as well....
Our neighbors are great! The beach is amazing and we are literally 5ft away. The high today was 73 degrees but now it's cooling down...way down. My cheap husband refuses to pay that price for a rented fire ring, can't say I blame him but were here and it's cold.
I've had time to clear my thoughts and relax.
I feel like a new girl, already.
Now, how to talk my hubby into a fire ring......

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