Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomorrow came and went and I was terribly sick.
I did manage to muster the strength to chat a short time with Aunt Jese, and when I mean muster I'm serious people. That was a nasty GI bug, wiped me right on my tush.

She went to the hospital for her ultra sound and found out she is pregnant with........ONE.

Bittersweet of a day as twins wouldn't have been so bad. However, we are a God-trusting family and He gives us what is meant to be.

Now...if they would only tell ME the sex I would get on ETSY and order all those darling clothes I see....

I ordered you something "real nice" (as in Christmas Vacation...) from Etsy just for YOU! I figure babies get all the cute stuff, mama deserves something too! Watch for it in the mail!

Thank you both Jay and Jese for making me an Auntie again......I can't wait to meet the Lil guy (yes that is what I think IT is).

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  1. Hey Girl,

    Come on..a.. BOY...really?? I think its a girl, time will tell. Your so sweet, you didnt have to get me anything. All I need is your love and support!! I am sorry you were so sick over the weekend, are you back up and running? If so, call me tonight, I would love some One on One time with you.

    I am sorry about not finding out the sex of the baby, if we were having twins, we WOULD have found out the sex... but GOD has his own plans for us, sorry your going to have to wait a little longer. LOVE YOU lots, cant wait to see you soon. Have a great trip to Cali, miss you,

    Your Prego :)