Monday, September 28, 2009

29 And Holding

I turned twenty-nine.
My whole twenties I've spent warding off the big 3-0 not wanting any part of it.
I've been going through a very personal journey these past few years.
Having married young, mothering two young children, living a world away from your entire family and facing life threatening illnesses have each, in their own way, taken pieces of me and placed them into a bottle and sent out into the big vast ocean.

This weekend I climbed upon a boat in search of Kelli.
Who am I?
What in life is important to me?
Believe me I have some pretty good idea's of what I am, but are they what I want to be?

This weekend I was baptized.
I have just begun a new journey towards the rest of my life.
I'm so excited to share this time with you.
I will be thrilled to turn thirty and thank God for another year here on earth with my family, both near and far.

***A great big thank you to all my friends and family that supported and encouraged me, I love you all!***

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am back home.
I am reflecting on my amazing voyage home.

The things I love about Michigan:

The leaves beginning to turn into the most amazing colors God created.

My family. The ones I speak to daily and the ones I only see a few times a year. I love you all so much and only wish time could stop and allow me more time with you to chat and catch up on your lives.

Elli, Marley and Rowyn. My Michigan dogs.

Cider mills, pumpkins, cornstalks (by the way, can you even buy these in AZ?), cider, warm donuts.........don't love the bee's.

The country. The homes in the country with large front porches with an old fashioned porch swing attached.

The weather. The change of seasons for each is beautifully unique.

My fashionably forward sister. She inspires me to take more risks. I purchased a pair red flats with her encouragement. They are hot in a spicy grandma sorta way. How many eight month pregnant gals do you know that would/could sport red hot four inch heels to their baby shower?!

Friends. We just pick up right where we left off as if nothings changed a bit.

Friendly folks.

Faygo Pop.

The Wren in the Willow.

Enjoying a Michigan football game with folks even more passionate than I am.

Lazy Sundays (well and Saturdays for that matter) spent with some great food and great football.


Parks with amazing play equipment built right on a farm complete with animals to pet and feed.....Genius idea.

So now I'm home. Home with my boys..... I missed them terribly. I miss Michigan and all the things that go along with it terribly too. My prayers always include the obvious; health, service, appreciation, and for the past few years to show us a sign when the time is right to relocate. Oh, and then I pray for patience as He's been slow to respond to the whole relocation idea.

***My next post will include pictures from my trip***

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Date Night Michigan Style

I'm off on a date.
Yup folks, I'm the third wheel tonight.
I don't mind.
Quality time with my bro and his wife.....ahhh, my soul has been at such peace since my arrival.
From this trip alone, my heart has healed.....I betcha.
Just wait until that next scan, all is well.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Am... Here.

I am where the sweet autumn breeze blows through my hair and sends little shivers up my spine.
I am where apples have begun their journey into cider.
I am where my daughter can play outside and feel damp grass under her tootsies.
I am where I can shop and plan for my sister-n-laws baby shower.

I am in Michigan.

I was in bed two weeks ago about to sleep. My soul ached to not be a part of a huge family celebration. My husband requested my presence in the den that night. On his computer screen was an airplane ticket straight to heaven, straight to my family.

I arrived Saturday evening, watched the Michigan game, had a bon fire, roasted marshmallows and thanked Tariq over and over for allowing me this time with my family.

Sunday was spent at the Wren, my favorite country store of all time. I had birthday money to spend and loved every minute of picking out the next item to join my collection of country decor.

Monday I drove into Milford to finalize the cake plans with the bakery. This cake has to be special, has to be unique. Leila and I spent the morning walking the quaint downtown stores, picked up something for brother back home, petting all the dogs that passed us along the way.

My soul needed this trip.
I have been reflecting on my path and the bumpy roads I have been on lately.
The one conclusion I have come to is that everything happens for a reason.
There is a purpose to my life.
My purpose, at least for now, is simply to live.
Live and enjoy the simple everyday pleasures we so often overlook.

What a wonderful life I have.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's Talk Football Shall We?

So I realize this is a very girly blog, but I am a girl that loves her football.
The best time of year is upon us and I'm more ready than I've ever been.
Last year was a total disappointment and I believe we are going to totally make up for it this year!

Tomorrow Michigan plays a huge family rival......should I even mention their name......hmmmm...well we'll just refer to them as plain old ND. My sister-n-laws all time favorite team for whatever reason she cannot seem to explain, other than she is what? I'm Irish! Guess I was born into a smarter Irish family (if that's possible:)! Before I go any further, this is all in good fun. Good ol' family trash talk, happens this time every year. I love the girl, but I question her decision making skills every fall. Slowly she's turning towards the maize and blue, she'll come to her senses sooner than later, I'm sure of it. Here is my beautiful sister making a smart decision!
I want to take a moment and thank the University of Oregon for making the decision of suspending LeGarratte Blount for the disgraceful performance after the first game of the season against Boise State. It is a blessing for each of these men to make it to this level in their football career, and to throw it all away due to wounded pride is a terrible waste. I realize he was their star player and I'm sure it wasn't easy to let him go given this season will likely be done and over now, but it was the right decision. My son watches football with me and what a great lesson of how not to act this was. I'm thankful I didn't have to explain to my son that they let him get away with it, I was able to explain the severe punishment he received thus unsportsmanlike behavior gets you nowhere fast. Only if the NFL held the same moral standard as Oregon. If you've been under a rock and wish to see for yourself, here you go:

Just my opinion.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time Away

Where have we been? Gone, gone I say! Had to escape the scorching sunrays!
We packed up the mama-mobile. Filled it with clothes for cold weather, a boy and his DS, a girl and her doll, a husband and his electronic trinkets and a wife with a good book and camera.
Oh and a dog that filled the car on his own with hair balls.
This weekend we got away for a little R&R as a family. We arrived at Nana and Jidu's cabin in Prescott Friday evening.

Every Labor Day Weekend we also celebrate Kyrgyzstan's Independence Day in which I attempt culinary Kyrgyz treats. This year..ummm..not so good. Barely edible if you ask me. (Note to self: try it first BEFORE serving it to others!) I hope that Leila appreciates the effort and thought behind the food. We all were wearing the traditional red and yellow colors however, God had other plans for our clothing. While in Walmart that morning shopping for the ingredients, a large storm decided to roll in......and I'm talking LARGE! Hail the size of golf balls and a down pour that could flood an ocean. We were stuck. Only when the hail stopped did we attempt to make it to the car....soaked. Anyway, here is me by the dish, blissfully unaware of how horrible it would taste.
It rained and rained for most of the day. It was a beautiful site. Leila was a little sick, but what the heck?! These kids don't even know what rain is. By the look on her face, I made the right decision........She kept running and saying WATER!!! Yes my darling, this is water, and not in the bathtub.
Sunday it cleared up and was a beautiful day. Had a great day down at the square and purchased this for my beauty. She was not feeling so hot as you can see.
The guys took the kids back to the cabin and Nana and I went antique shopping. I scored a large Yellow Ware bowl for cheap! for Yellow Ware. My first piece for my future collection.

Oh and that surprise? I'm holding out a bit longer! Soon, very soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Movin On

I put on some amount of make-up daily, some day's more than others.
I dress like I have somewhere to go.
I purchased a new grown-up perfume since I've worn the same scent since high school.
I'm volunteering at least twice weekly at J's school.
Leila and I leave the house to go somewhere everyday.
Sewing is my new hobby and I just completed my first project, an apron.
We found a new church home that we adore and attend weekly.
I'm going to be baptized for the first time on my birthday weekend.

I made a conscious decision to do the above things to help me forget that I'm sick. I found that when I'm dressed up and feel good about myself, I'm able to trick myself and the feelings of dread disappear.

I'm not letting my sick heart take over my world. In fact, most days I don't even think about it anymore. Don't get me wrong, once in a great while I still have a good cry for as long as I need, wipe my tears and move on.

I'm really proud of myself.
It's easy to feel sorry for yourself, wonder why me and dwell on the negative.
It's more difficult, in the beginning at least, to concentrate on the positives.
I chose to have faith and trust that God is by my side and in control.

I trust I'm to learn something from this, maybe I already have.