Saturday, June 20, 2009

Phew! We made it.....

Boy was that a scary drive.
Terrible winds made the trailer sway back and forth forcing us drive very slow. We averaged a whopping 5.7 miles/gallon due to the strong head winds. Upon on arrival to our temporary spot in L.A. we were greeted rather rudely by a drunk old couple. Their darn satellite dish was past the line and the spaces are so small here that Terri nudged their dish. Out they came in a drunk rage demanding we not take the spot next to them. If we hadn't gotten in so late I would have left this place in an instant. However, it is late and we are tired. Since the drunk old couples escapade, several "neighbors" have come over apologizing for the old peoples behavior insisting the rest of the campers are not rude like them. I have to say the rudest part of the whole situation was the fact that Tariq asked nicely for them to help us instead of yelling at us, the woman replied "your on your own". Gee thanks lady, don't be surprised if you wake up and your trashy trailer has been egged. Not really. I'm not that mean. Sometimes I wish I were. I miss our neighbors back home:(
We will be leaving FIRST THING to our final destination: Newport Beach. God please let our experience be a better one there.

***UPDATE: Mean old couple came over and apologized, gave us hugs. Life is good.***

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