Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So Terri went to take the laundry to the front of the resort......
his check engine light came on! He is now at a local dealership trying to get a diagnosis. Jalyn and I are stuck at the trailer, and Terri is stuck there. Not exactly the way we envisioned our vacation. Hopefully it won't be anything major.

We've made new friends. Our neighbors. They are an amazing family that lives in Northern California. We made a vow that every year we will meet up with them here for a family camping trip. We are hoping for the fourth of July next year however, I went in to reserve a beach-side spot and they wanted $3200 for a week! NUTS! I could take the whole family to Maui for that price. Our friends hubby does work here and several co-workers live here year-round, so he's going to try and work his magic on the price issue. Don't get me wrong, this place is a 5-star camping resort and for most people here it would be a drop in the bucket.......but we ain't most people:)

I was sad to hear about Jon and Kate plus 8's episode last night. Yes.....I'm hooked. I've been hooked since the very beginning. I've basically watched a marriage fall apart over time and it's so sad. I pray that there is still hope. The camera's should have been gone long ago and their priorities should have re-arranged. Who could thrive in a fish bowl like that? Not too many of us.

I'm watching my kiddo feed the ducks right outside our trailer......does life really get any better? Well goodbye for now my dear blog, I'm getting MY priorities straight right now and going to join my son and his ducks.

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