Friday, February 6, 2009


It's storming here and were dancing in the rain.........Of course the weather could always become worse; tornado's, hail and hurricanes.......(OK maybe not in the desert but you catch my drift).

Leila goes for surgery Thursday at Phoenix Children's Hospital. We don't know how extensive her surgery nor aftercare will be until she's in the operating room. Worse case: She will be in arm splints for two weeks. Best case: She will come home and have a simple incision below her lip line.

I had my doctors appointment yesterday to review my MRI. The findings showed that there is no room for my nerve due to disc degeneration. This will require immediate surgery (within three months) otherwise there will be nothing they can do about the pain. And let me tell you, this pain is not something I could tolerate living with. I will have a weight restriction for 6 months.

Here comes the rainbow.......

Jalyn's old preschool teacher whom I've remained friends with sent me an e-mail the day before my appointment. She asked that I keep my ears open for anyone looking for a nanny.

Here's the thing.....I've known that back surgery would be in my future for years now, so this was not entirely a shock......just incredibly bad timing. I believe God knew that the stress of having to search for someone whom I do not know personally to watch Leila would simply be overwhelming given all the circumstances right now.

Laura was Jalyn's favorite teacher and he beamed with excitement when I told him.

She has agreed to work for us full time in our home until I'm back on my feet and able to lift, probably through the summer.

This is proof that no matter how complicated and chaotic life gets, it's all His plan and He has it all worked out before we do.

The storm could always be worse.

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