Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Amazing Ladies

Today I am thankful for Leila's doctor.
Leila is beginning to speak words that were not possible to say with her previous scars.
Dr. Singh has helped our cause in giving Leila a fresh start in life.
She is honest, respectful and has true compassion for the children she helps.
I am thankful to Kristi for leading us to her.
Leila still has a long road ahead paved with future surgeries and laser treatments, but with the amazing doctors, friends and family that surround and support us, we will coast straight through.
Today has been a difficult day.
Grandma is going for a triple bypass Friday morning.
I received my date for back surgery, March 19th. I hate surgery (and I don't use this word loosely). Being "under" always scares me. I think of Leila and all she has been through and I feel her strength. I also try to remember how blessed we are in this country to have access to the medical care that we do. If Leila had been left to live her life in Kyrgyzstan with her scars, she would have been an outcast. She would never have married nor had family or friends to support her. Even though stares and ignorant comments that fly our way sting, I know that this is nothing compared to what she would have gone through if she had not been given the gift of adoption.
She has got to be the most loved child on the planet.


  1. I will be thinking of your gma and you for the back surgery as well.
    I am so glad Leila has such a loving family and is doing so well!

  2. The title should have read "Three Amazing Ladies" because without you, none of Leila's life, as she knows it, would have ever come to pass.