Friday, February 13, 2009

Tired Baby, Tired Mommy

I just got Leila into bed, Jalyn just returned home from Nana and Jidu's and lo and behold........the landscapers show up right on que. It seems sleep is not to be had here in our house today.

Leila did well last night as far as pain goes. Sleep wasn't happening as she would wake and freak out about the whole arm splint thing. I even woke to find that she mysteriously escaped from her entrapment.

Tariq stayed awake as we have to give medications every six hours.

It's been rough but I keep reminding myself this situation is temporary.

She's been a real trooper and we are so proud of her! Jalyn has too, he seems to understand what is going on.

Thank you for all the phone calls and support. Thank you to Suzanne for bringing delicious dinner to us last night and tonight. Thank you Shannon for dinner Thursday night and for helping us out at the hospital (and keeping me distracted). Thanks Linda and Subhi for all your help with Jalyn.

If I'm forgetting anyone I apologize. All the support we are getting makes this all so much easier.

More to come tomorrow or later tonight if I'm able.

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