Monday, February 2, 2009

GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!

Here's the deal.........

I mentioned below that I've been in a funk lately.

Send me one of your favorite quotes, bible verses or just an inspirational comment.

Whichever comment brings me inspiration will win.

The winner will receive a brand new copy of The Shack delivered to their door.

Comments will be received until midnight Thursday (Arizona time).

Now start writing people!!!


  1. Being in a funk is never fun, but sometimes we can learn while we're in them. I don't need a copy of the Shack (it's so great!) but I felt like encouraging you anyway. On my desk at work I have a quote that I often look at when I'm feeling hopeless or unworthy.

    "Everyday is an important day and every second is a growth opportunity to deepen your character and demostrate love, or depend on God."

  2. See my blog Britches...can't leave the comment I want to on here...too technologically ignorant to figure out how to attach a pic to this comment!