Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Every Day at 3pm

Every day at 3pm you will find Leila, Nasser and I waiting patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for the bus to unload one grumpy, hungry and overstimulated five-year-old.

Leila loves this part of her day....."Jay Jay" she says pointing down the road.

As you can tell, the "flu" left our house as quickly as it came. Jalyn says he went down the slide and that made him throw up. After an afternoon spent with a bubbly, bored and under stimulated five-year-old, I realized that this was in no way the flu bug. No fever, no vomiting and so back to school he went today.

My goal was to write thank you notes to all those who helped tremendously while my mom was recovering, but life has been so full lately that I thought I could type them here instead.

To my husband: Thank you for unselfishly suggesting that I go to Michigan and for taking the kids so I could be where I needed to be. Thank you for encouraging me to go. I know it was hard here by yourself and I am grateful for your not complaining once (even when I could hear the frustration in your voice:)

To Linda and Subhi: Thank you for watching Leila while I was in Michigan, I know she had a great time as she is having to re-learn the rules! I don't think she was denied any request nor food item as she now needs a bigger car seat!

To Shannon and Rob: Thank you for letting Leila invade your home and pantry for a week. Your next grocery trip is on me so you can restock!

To Grandma Kelley and Eric: Thank you for calling and checking up on my mom. Your concern for her brought appreciative tears to her eyes a few times during my trip.

To Aunt Denise: Thank you for coming to visit mom, bringing her flowers and most importantly bringing a survival kit for Jalyn (and for me!!!).

To Aunt Daleanne: Thank you for coming to visit with mom and bringing the most delicious squash and chocolate pie ever!

To Grandma and Grandpa Rowland: Thank you for calling to check up on mom so often. Even though you weren't close, it felt as though you were. Mom was humbled by your concern for her. Even though I wasn't there to see the flowers you sent, I hear they were just beautiful. They made her day, thank you.

To Joe and Laura: Thank you for your calls and concern over mom. She stated to me several times during my trip that you certainly find out who your friends are when your down and out. You are a constant in my parents lives and I'm grateful they have you.

To Jay and Jese: Thank you for taking J for me so I could be at the hospital with mom. J truly had the time of his life and the memories you created with him will last a lifetime.

To those from my mom's work: Thank you for calling and sending cards and offers to help. This meant a lot to my mom and I really appreciate it.

If I forgot anyone, I apologize. I'm going off memory and my brain isn't the sharpest thing lately. I know I speak for my entire family when I say a very big thank you to everyone whose reading this. Your prayers, thoughts and offers to help meant the world to us.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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