Monday, February 23, 2009

Here She Is.......

This is Miss Leila going to get her first pair of "big girl shoes" yesterday.
The graft is still healing, we have to keep it gooped with ointment.
We have our follow-up appointment Wednesday with the surgeon.
I can't believe what an angel she has been throughout this whole process.
I think the "No-No's" (arm splints) were harder on us than on her.

I am awaiting word today on Grandma. She was transferred to a great heart hospital in Atlanta. Today they will do a test to determine if a bypass is even worth it. If the answer is yes, than I plan to hop on plane to go and see her before the surgery (if there is time). We were actually able to sneak a phone call to her in the ICU. Grandpa had his cell phone:) It was great to talk to grandma and send her our love. Jalyn even got to speak to her. What a blessing.........

Now you know the scoop.

Thank you for your book recommendations!!!

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