Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Southern Girl at Heart

If you search deep into the center of my very soul you will find a southern girl.
My family roots are embedded in Georgia soil.
When Jalyn began speaking we noticed his "southern twang".
He has rarely been around family with a southern accent, so where he picked this up from is beyond us.
The other day Jalyn came home from school and said.........
"Mom, our next doggie is going to be a girl and I'm going to name her Georgia."
This is when I realized that not just my soul, but my son's as well, has a craving for the south.
Jalyn dreams of having a simple barn complete with cows and chickens (not to eat them but to eat their bounty, we are animal lovers!) He craves the simple life. His favorite book is about a young boy that lives on a farm and has to visit his cow for milk, the chicken for eggs and churn his own butter to make homemade pancakes with his mom.
I long for the day where I can provide this simple life for my children. Back to the basics. Reduce the stressful lifestyle that a big city imposes on you.
When Grandma recovers from her bypass surgery, I am going to take Jalyn for a long weekend to Georgia. He can ride the tractors with Great Papa, sip Great Mimi's sweet tea, take a stroll down to Aunt Ruth's old farm house, fish and create memories that will last a lifetime. Oh and it would be awesome to visit The Southern Tree.
"Down South everybody cherishes dreams. In dreams this world and the next mix like sugar and grits."
----Grandmother Ernestine, to novelist Jewell Parker Rhodes

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  1. Just came across your blog and thought I'd tell you that you have a great one. I'm also from GA and you know, I've never heard of The Southern Tree - but thanks so much for the link, I'm totally going to check it out!