Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Dear Son

Jalyn is always one for a good laugh.
I went to pick him up from school yesterday and noticed a big net with things in it. I took a step closer and realized they were learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.

This is when Jalyn's teacher approached me with a grin on her face.......I know this grin and I know it well. She is about to tell me something Jalyn has said or done in class that gave her a great laugh. They all fully expect to see Jalyn on Saturday Night Live one day, seriously.

She says to me: "Each child was allowed to pick an egg and name it, they then follow their egg throughout the life cycle. One at a time the children were called up to name their chosen egg.. It was Jalyn's turn. He proudly walked up, pointed to the one he choose and proclaimed his egg's name."

Jalyn says "My egg's name is Barack Obama".
His teacher said that she and the aid were rolling on the ground they were laughing so hard!

But the real kicker here is: Tariq and I are proudly Republican!!!

Mr. President, you spread those wings and fix our country! Our five-year-old believes in you, please don't let him down:)


  1. Oh, Jalyn! What are we gonna do with you? :) ha ha.

  2. Toby came home and announced he'd voted for Obama in the elementary school's little election...because he thought his name was funny! He breaks into gales of laughter when he says the president's name! We had a little discussion about how we may not agree with the president's choices and where he stands on issues, but we should still respect him as well as pray for him.

  3. Hi Kellie - I will post yours on mine too! i have to look into how to "follow" blogs. I see that I have a few followers as well.