Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Parenting and Surprise Revealed

No one is ever prepared for parenting.

Last night Jalyn woke with a 103 degree fever. This morning he was screaming when he moved his head. We played a little game with him and asked to see if he could touch his nose to his chest and he yelled OUCH!!! When I asked where it hurt he pointed to the back of his neck. Having gone through this myself before, and the fact that I'm a nurse, I feared the worst. These were classic signs of meningitis. Even though I had the FEELING to take him in, I called his doctor anyway and he said what I was expecting......take him in now.

They took him back immediately. They gave him an IV and I watched my little guy watch everything they were doing to him. He listened to their instructions very carefully and was such a rock star. He never cried, not once. The staff was so impressed with him. Thank the Lord above, it is a virus. We are to watch him closely tonight just to be sure, but his doctors were amazing and I have faith that they would not have sent us home if there were any doubt.

Anyway, the point of this post is that while I was laying with him on the hospital bed I was thinking about being a mom. I'm 28 and I still cannot believe God has entrusted me with two of his children. All of the decisions you have to make on their behalf, the sleepless nights, the times where you feel so helpless when you just don't know what to do, this is what parenting is all about.

There are no instructions, you just do the best you can.

It is the most difficult job in the world.

However, you will never have another job in your whole life as rewarding as parenting.

We (Tariq and I) have so much to learn about parenting and I'm sure that no matter how many times you parent a child, there is always something you would go back and do differently.


I believe I promised you folks a grand surprise. I'm sorry you've had to wait, but my fingers were forbidden from typing until I was given the green light.
My brother and sister-n-law have been trying for a baby for some time. Finally the news came that she is expecting!!!!
They will be going for an ultrasound soon and hopefully I can provide more information soon. As hard as I've tried to sway them, I believe they are not going to find out the sex.......darn them! How is an Aunt to shop???
I am beyond the moon excited to become another Aunt, and I cannot wait to watch my bro father a child.........whoa baby!
There have been a few scares here and there so if I may ask, would you be so kind to say a prayer for the baby Jese is carrying. Pray that this child is healthy and comes into this world giving my brother a run for his money, just like he did to my parents not to mention ME, his little sis!!!!

Congratulations Guys!!!
We love you so much!!!

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  1. Congrats you two! We'll keep the 3 of you in our prayers! We really are thrilled for you! WAHOO! :)