Monday, April 20, 2009

Another One Bite's The Dust

Ok Flu, Seriously, Can You Leave Us NOW?

Jalyn is the recent target of the flu. High fever, severe headaches and muscle aches, vommiting, blah blah blah. It's April and this week will reach 100 degrees!

Kids are so resilient, he's feeling much better today and even went with Nana to get out of the house today.

We hired cleaners to help us around the house as I am limited with my back, and Tariq with his time. It is best that Jalyn is not around when cleaners are here with his asthma.

My writing has not been as creative lately and I must apologize. Normally when I lay my head down to sleep the creativity in me comes out and I start to think about my next post. Since my surgery and the whole family getting sick, it's all I can do just to update on our life.......not too exciting I know......I mean how many of you are going through the same things right now anyway?

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