Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!!! (a little belated, sorry:)

AWH!!!! Can I eat them? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I now understand why mothers sometimes eat their young:)

Now if you can spot the egg, you deserve a prize! How is a five-year-old supposed to find this one? Pretty cruel Bunny! Finding this egg took about 100 hints!

The cutest bunny in our house Easter morning. She picked out her outfit down to the bow and bunny ears on her head, seriously. When you give her choices, she very clearly makes a choice. I hear this is "a girl thing" and then the next advice I receive is "just wait". It's cute for now, but my guess is that one day this won't be cute at all.

It's a tradition in our family that when the little girls have their ears pierced, a family member purchases them their first pair of diamond earring's. These were a gift to Leila from Grandma Rowland (Mama) who came all the way from Michigan to help me out during surgery. She celebrated Easter with the children while she was here even though it was a tad bit early, the kids LOVED IT! Jalyn received Lego's, what else? So since Easter was her first big occasion since having the earring's, she wore them on Sunday, proudly I might add. I'd have to say that Leila's favorite accessory besides her hair bows are bracelets, so how about a diamond bracelet next year Mama??? (just kidding:).........sortove:)

Leila's big gift from the Easter bunny was a talking/singing/dancing/annoying Elmo. She loves it and we'll just leave it at that.

And Jalyn's big gift from the bunny was.........Lego's. Does anyone know how to receive discounts on these darn things? Seriously Lego people, why in the heck do these things cost so darn much? You see that big box? I won't even tell you the price tag, but lets just say the ship is not even half the size of that box once built. RIP OFF! The smile on his face was completely worth it.
What we do for our kids............

Hope you all had a very happy Easter!

A small update on me: I'm doing great. Continuing to take medications as I'm told, tapering slowly, napping during the day, not lifting blah blah blah. I miss holding and carrying Leila around so much it kills me! She even has stopped wanting to eat from me lately. It is so frustrating, but it is temporary right? I remind myself that things could always be worse. Right now I need the help, and I'm so lucky that my children love our nanny and that they feel safe with her. The flip side of the coin makes me sick. So if Leila feels the need to be with our nanny more right now than I'm just going to take that as a good sign. I have the rest of my life with that precious angel.


  1. They look adorable! I hear you on the Elmo...darn thing needs a volume button. Just think in a year or so it will run out of batteries, hahha! I miss lifting and carrying Anara too. I still have another 3.5 weeks to go.

  2. Oh grandkids are so adorable! I am so blessed! I want to jump right through this screen and grab them and hug them and kiss them but instead well you guessed it, tears are streaming down my face wishing I could do just that. But for now I have to settle for the computer screen and I know I'm so blessed to have that.

    As for the diamond braclet well, we'll have to work on that one :)

    It should be just about time for your little surprise announcement don't you think????? I'm waiting........

    Kelli I'm so glad that each day is getting a little easier for you and we don't really want time to go any faster than it is going these days but soon you'll have your life back, healthy, happy, pain free and much more and "Mom" can do everything she wants to with her beautiful children. Until then, concentrate on getting better.

    I love you all with all my heart, God Bless You! Love, Mom

  3. Leila looks so sweet and so does big brother J! Glad you had a good Easter. Hope you continue to feel better