Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Boys on a Lazy Easter Morning

This would be Jafar, my oldest, my very first, the sweetest dog on the planet. When people ask what is his breed we reply "Polar Bear and Human". Seriously.
This would be Amir (name means Prince in Arabic). He is our dignified, growly, loner, only kisses special people and things (how he determines "special" I have no idea) dog. He is 130lbs and thinks he is a lap dog.

And where are the humans supposed to sit? Oh I forgot, you think YOU ARE HUMANS!

This would be our youngest, the baby. He plays every bit of the role. He is so incredibly sweet. He follows me around the house EVERYWHERE! In him, I have a constant companion.

There you have it, our boys. They received rawhide's from the Easter Bunny.

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