Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Idea's Anyone???

The Mr. and I have been given this delightful opportunity to escape for a whole week sans children.

Now.......what to do with this week?

My heart is still here:

Maui (picture from Wordpress)

However, as you all know, I am going back to school so money is an issue.

Some of the best idea's EV-AR have come from those who pathed the way for me. So my dear friends, what have you done with your Mr. that has been utterly romantic and easy on the pocket book?

Leave me a comment or e-mail me personally and tell me all about it! Remembering that this va-ca will take place during the summer when it will be HOT-HOT-HOT locally!


The Oh-So-Grasious Rie

1 comment:

  1. Oh Sissy.... how JEALOUS am I!!! How romantic... a vacation away, just Mommy and Daddy... souounds like heaven. Just know... anywhere you go will be like heaven, its just you two!! Why dont you go to Laguna Beach and get a room on the water.

    I remember when us 5 went and Jalyn wouldnt sleep the whole weekend. Its really romatic, sometimes the simplest things mean more then the real expensive.

    Have a super time where ever you go, just know you dont have to brake the bank to have a romantic time. Love you LOTS