Thursday, March 25, 2010


Has it seriously been that long since my last post? I'm totally slacking, and super busy.

We went on a family camping trip--pictures to follow soon. Had a magnificent time together. I honestly feel as though I'm living the American dream sitting under the stars with my Mr. and roasting marshmallows. Hearing the children playing in the trailer with new friends and spending nothing but good ol' quality time with each other is the ultimate vacation. Who the heck needs swanky hotels, spas and five star restaurants? I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself! I do so love places such as that, but camping feeds my soul. Plus, they wouldn't allow my sleeping buddy to come along.

I've been studying nearly every waking minute........and.........I'm thrilled to report that it has payed off! I passed the LPN boards and just yesterday submitted my application for the nursing program this August. Phew! I feel the relief, no longer in my hands, no longer weighing on my shoulders. Feels great to clear this mess from my desk, if only for two months. I will find out in either April or early May if I have been accepted (fingers crossed).


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  1. Hooray for passing!!! And for camping! (Though I am more of the hotel camper, but...)
    Good to hear updates...can't wait for camping pictures!