Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Extractions, Toothfairy, Bunk bed and PTSD...What a Week!

Jalyn's adult teeth were trying to come in, yet his baby teeth are not budging. His big man teeth are coming in crooked due to the overcrowded issue going on in his mouth. The dentist gave Jalyn the option of doing the extraction right then or another day. To my surprise, he requested it to be done now and without me in the room! This was the first time he went back alone even for a cleaning! He took it like a champ. The dentist, who lives in our neighborhood and has seen Jalyn since one year of age, came out and said to me "your little man's growing up!" I cried.

We found a retired master carpenter on Craig's List that makes bunk beds to order. He had one already on hand and gave us a great deal. It was made out of fresh wood so I've been painting it the past few days in 115 degree heat.....not fun. The J man is so excited to have a whole new room. I will post pictures of the make over when it's complete.

Jalyn will have his sixth birthday party this weekend! He choose to have his closest friends over for pizza, popcorn, movie and slumber party! I'm trying my hand at a Mario cake......wish me luck!

I signed up for cake decorating classes today that start in August. I will be doing them with my dear friend Laura. We are both so excited to learn something new! Having some girl time is going to be so much fun and very much needed. Thank you to my awesome hubby who offered to watch our kids and Laura's daughter so we can do this together (her hubby works nights).

And Leila. It's been rough. Today I was told that she is struggling with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Without going into detail, she has been exhibiting concerning behaviors that we have noticed. I met with her pediatrician today. He has extensive experience treating children who have been burned and have PTSD. We will continue to provide a loving and supportive environment. At some point we will start counseling with her. It has been and will be a long road, but if being loved unconditionally has any impact, we are certainly off to a good start. Her pediatrician was amazingly supportive today. He said "since the first time you showed me her picture I've loved her. Then you brought her in to meet me and I loved her even more. She is loved by a lot of people and that has the most impact on recovery." He reassured me that he will be there for us every step of the way and that his heart is truly with us on this journey. He said that what we have done and are doing is very admirable. That meant so much to me. Just knowing that your supported by family, friends and even your doctor makes the road ahead look a little less bumpy.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about Leila's troubles. I hope you are able to work through it, but I know you, you will do all you can to help her! Hang in there!