Monday, July 27, 2009

Adventures of the Big Girl Bed

The time has come, Leila has begun to place one foot ever so delicately over the crib railing. She has rightfully earned her nickname "Little Monkey" as she will climb on/up anything. It is only a matter of time before she topples over.........not good.
I went and bought her the big girl bed I had envisioned her having since before she came to us. She loves the idea of her new bed being all set up in her room however, she doesn't love the idea of sleeping in it. Nope, she prefers to have playtime in the dark instead. Why not, it's So-Much-Fun! Sorry.......can you hear the sarcasm seeping through?!

We have her crib on one side and her big girl bed on the other.

Today we ran errands all morning in an attempt to wear her out so that she wouldn't care where she laid her little head. She looked drunk as I pulled her out of her car seat; eyes rolling back and limp. I placed her in her big girl bed and BAM! Her eyes opened and she started laughing. Laughing at me and my attempt no doubt. I still tried to make a go at it, what can I say? I still had faith. Then......the infamous sound of her Barbie piano. Back to the crib she went.

I've been seeking advice from all the best and coolest moms that surround me. The best advice had to be: "Our friends turned the crib up-side down so their baby could not climb OUT or GET OUT!" Now, no matter what your right or wrong meter is telling you right now, you've got to admit that piece of advice is darn clever and funny!

My thought is to absolutely baby proof her room and then let her have at it! If she wants to stay awake all night playing, well she'll be one sorry girl in the morning with all the activities we'll be sure to have planned! Eventually she should get the point right?

Just one problem, I have to remember who I'm dealing with here. She is bright, witty, focused and stubborn. She will get her way one way or the other.

I have to be smarter than the 21 month old!

Advice???? Please!!!

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  1. Sissy,

    I wish I could be of help!!! I dont have a clue how to help.. all I can do is PRAY for you... like always.. Leila will do it all in good time, just be patient and enjoy her age. Remember we were all there once too... LOVE YOU. Miss you