Monday, May 4, 2009

Banana's What?!?!

OK, So I Am Currently Watching My Nephews....

If you've checked out Beanie's site, she CLAIMS to have "Gone Banana's".

I walked in to a totally clean house. Everything placed in just the right places, clean and even candles are lite.

Since my arrival to babysit, I have sat my plump booty on the computer and ordered myself some sun dresses super cheap from American Eagle, caught up on the blogs I follow, pet the cat that has no hair (don't ask), gave some lovin to a very well loved dog (aka fat, not that I have room to talk, you've seen pictures of my boys:)...and the kids are playing the wii.

I have not yet had to break up one fight as they are playing so nicely together. In fact, I could probably disappear and they would not even notice.

So either my nephews just behave incredibly well for me or Beanie is full of stuff floating in the sewer!

At some point I'll have to fix them dinner....Phew! It's a rough job but somebody's gotta do it!

I'm digging this job!!!

p.s. I have not forgotten to announce our family surprise, just haven't had a moment to upload pictures. Promise, really promise, either tonight (if I'm not too tired from this torturous babysitting job:) or tomorrow!


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  2. Hey! Following right back! Excited to read the big family surprise!