Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our first camping trip was a success!
We had a blast! Our friends Mary, Bill and their son Billy joined us along with Tariq's parents. Leila had a slumber party at her friend Brooklyn's house. This way we could spend some good quality time with J and not have to be so stressed our first time out. We stayed at a lake that is only 45 minutes from our house! We found this great area where you pull your truck right up to the water (since there is no "beach", it's paved) and the parents just put their chairs right in the water and watch their children. We roasted marshmallows, had great bbq's and most importantly, we spent time bonding with J and Tariq's parents. Family and friends are the most wonderful gifts.Jalyn bonding with Daddy. They sat here for about an hour just taking in the views of the water and mountains. A picture perfect moment.
I love my bubby so much! We played catch with a football in the water and just had a blast!

J loved riding the waves that came from the boats farther out. Some were actually quite big.

Our big camping dog, Nasser. He loved going for walks and meeting new friends. Jafar is getting too old to take out in the heat. He has terrible arthritis and wouldn't be able to tolerate getting up into the camper. And Amir is grouchy, he would not be a good camping boy! Nasser is only one and very well trained (although we didn't train him! Vet thinks he is part boarder collie so maybe he's just smart like that:)

The guys playing washers on our site. The camper in the background is Tariq's parents.

Next camping trip will be with our whole AZ family! The entire Whoo family will be there while we celebrate thing 1 and thing 2's birthdays along with Tariq's parents! I'm really looking forward to it. Although it was a TON of work to get ready, it was completely worth it. We created so many memories and that is what it's all about. I'm finding that camping is addictive, you just feel so relaxed when you get back. We are also planning another trip. We are either going to take an ADULT ONLY trip, just me and my man having some alone time together.........OR take the kiddos to CA and maybe go to Sea World.............decisions, decisions.........

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  1. Looks like an AWESOME time. Loved the chillin' campin' dawg pic!

    Checkout the website for Newport Dunes. Friend told me they go every 4th to camp there. They make their reservations a year in advance to get the spot they like. They do movies on the beach and things like that...Not sure how quickly they fill up or if you really do need to make your reservations that far ahead of time...