Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Camping up north. No make-up no hair no problems.

Boy does she love suckers!

Cool man cool. Jalyn going for a ride on his uncles quad.

Hotter than blue blazes in this place....
remind me again how I ended up in the bowels of the desert...ahh yes, I remember.....boyfriend moves to desert, girlfriend follows boyfriend to desert, boyfriend flakes and leaves girl in desert, girl meets prince charming and lives happily ever after in the desert, not so happily in summer.

We went on a camping trip this weekend up north. There were storms! We even had to wear sweaters around the fire. We went with my in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Whoo and Thing One and Thing Two.

We returned to the miserably hot desert only to find that our air conditioning............died. Dear God in heaven.

It has been a long few days in the Al-Mutawa house. Hot mama equals grumpy mama. AC guy came and fixed the darn thing.....500 bucks later. I sure can think of a better way to spend 500 dollars! The joys of being a homeowner.

Back to my Kyrgyz stories tomorrow. Right now, last year, we were in Kazakhstan. And boy do I have stories from that phase of our visit.

But for now, I'm off to bed to hopefully enjoy a good nights sleep with air conditioning.


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  1. Ahh....those memories of one year ago. Mama & Papa were in AZ with our grandson. We would not take anything for that time minus the fact that we were worried sick and praying for your safe return with our beautiful granddaughter. Words can not accurately describe the feelings inside this "Ole Mama & Papa" had. I've been waiting for this little girl my entire life and having my grandson right beside me was incredibly the best. With All My Love! Mama