Friday, May 22, 2009

Movin On Up

Yesterday my Bubby graduated from Kindergarten.
It was a beautiful ceremony.
They wore caps that had a K attached.
They walked in to music, sang songs and we watched a slide show of pictures of their year together.
They were called up one by one, gave their teacher a handshake, received their diploma's and had their K's cut into a 1 (for first grade).
University of Michigan? Sure! If mommy has anything to say about it!
Daddy went to University of Arizona so he may have something to say about it. That and Jalyn will receive 75% off tuition at either UofA or ASU if we are still here.......
Whoever gets this boy will be lucky as far as I'm concerned. A proud mommy talking.


  1. WOW.. 1st grade all ready!! It was like yesterday we were taking Jalyn's picture in sitting in a cooking pot on your parents counter. Boy time flys when your having fun. Cant wait to see the photo's of his big day. That must have been so hard to watch... your little boy is growing exciting :) Love you, wish we could have been there to share the moment with you.. Lots of love,
    Jese and JJ

  2. I love how evident it is that you love your babies!

    And, though you may not get 75% discount, I can personally vouch that being a Hokie is a phenomenal honor! :)