Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pain and Dog Lovin'

Oh how I've missed you all.
I'm home now, thank you Beanie for updating everyone on my boring life:)

What a surgery is all I can say!
Pain, Pain, Pain, Constipation, Pain, Constipation, Vomiting, Pain and More Constipation......would you like me to continue?

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor as obviously the pain medicine is NOT WORKING. I'm taking enough that I swear would kill a moose! Yet, the pain does not surrender and I'm not even sleepy in the least. In fact, I now give "dog-lovin" at all hours of the night....the boys could not be happier.

Jalyn of course is struggling a bit, but he is surrounded by so many that love and adore him that the depression doesn't last long. Today was special as he received Easter gifts from Mama (Grandma) and is having a slumber party with her in his room as I type.

Leila is as happy as a lamb. She has had sleepovers with Nana and Laura with baby Brooklynn (Our Nanny and her daughter, Leila's BFF). She does get upset when mommy is unable to hold her, even if I'm sitting, as my stitches are right on my tummy........(toddler foot on mommy's belly ='s OUCH!!!)

Tariq is well, in fact he truckin right along. We have so much help that I don't think my surgery has even been an issue for him:) He made the most wonderful dinner tonight, my absolute favorite of all time........Steak and Crab Legs! Just delicious. Thank you babe.

I will be sending out official notes soon but I wanted you all to know how much I appreciated your calls, flowers etc...

Thank you Palm Valley for the gorgeous flowers!!!

Thank you Taylor's for the amazing flower arrangement!

Thank you Laura for the pink Gerber daisies and for taking Leila for a slumber party!

Thank you Bermans for the beautiful spring flowers and I can't wait for our next lunch date Lori! And please tell Michael that we appreciated him swinging by my room so often to check in. When I was in pre-op and no family had been allowed back yet, I was seriously about ready to run out of there! And Michael walked in and I immediately felt at peace.

To Tariq's parents, we thank you for taking Leila for slumber parties during the week so we could all sleep through the night peacefully......well at least the rest of the house:) I'm usually up giving dog lovin while either waiting to take meds or waiting for them to kick in:) Thank you for dinner, as always your cooking is amazing.

Thank you mom for being here and doing what mom's do best. You've even been called to do some things on this visit that quite frankly, I wouldn't have blamed you if you booked a flight straight back home:) Thank you dad for sharing her with us, we couldn't have done this without her.

Someone had sent flowers while I was actually in the operating room. They were supposed to be brought to my family in the waiting room and never were. They never showed up in my room or at home. I feel terrible about this as nothing is worse than not sending a thank you to someone. Then they think your a terrible person. Please, if you've sent something and I don't send a note your way soon, please let me know!!!!!

Thank you all for your e-mails, phone calls have given me such strength and faith to fight and return to normal (if you can really call me normal?!)

Off to my happy slumber, or at least some good ol' dog lovin.

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