Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year New Dreams

Off to Tucson we drove to camp for a whole week! Relaxation and quality time with the kids was calling our names. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans.

Our trailer almost tipped on it's side when one of the jacks broke. Our heater went out during the night with temperatures in the 30's. They don't allow campfires in Tucson (this perhaps was the biggest bummer of all). I chipped a tooth. My mother and father-n-law came along and their heat went out at night. They had a major leak that required a plumber. He came down with double pink-eye and she had a major allergic reaction requiring a trip to urgent care.
Needless to say, we threw in the towel.

The lesson we all learned: You cannot control what happens around you but you can control your own reactions. We chose to make the best of everything that happened and continue our vacation... at home.

I had a lot of time to think about the New Year and all the things I want to change, but settled on two.

1. I need to be healthier. I've already begun getting back into the gym, if only to walk a treadmill for 30's a start. Breakfast is the most important meal and I've skipped it for years, not this year.

2. When we brought Leila home I made the decision to stay home and work my butt off getting her the best care to give her the best start. Dealing with the State to get her accepted into their program which provides free therapy was a full time job in itself. She was accepted and has received therapy mostly in our home two-three times weekly. There have been surgeries and there will be more.
In October, the public school system will take over the responsibility for therapy integrated in the preschool program. She will go four times a week. I will continue my part at home. But now this leads me to ask the question, what will I do with my time come October?
I'm ever so proud of the family we've created. The time has come to strengthen myself and in doing so, strengthen my family. I want my kids to be proud of their mom, proud of her accomplishments.
The time has come.

The big decision is that I will be going back to school to receive my RN. I only have one year left but it will be a difficult one. Sacrifices will have to be made but it's never going to be easy. I've prayed long and hard for many years and this year feels right to pursue my dream. When both children are in school full time, I can work and help support our family.

On New Year's Eve, I submitted requests from the three school's I've attended to have transcripts sent to our local nursing school. A symbolic event as I marked the New Year with new dreams.

May the force be with me eh?

What new dreams will you fulfill in 2010?


  1. We couldn't be more proud of you and your decision. Any way that Dad and I can help out please ask. Love you Mom and Dad

  2. Hey Sissy,

    WOW>..that is great news.. going back to school.. we are SOOO proud of you!! We wish you all the luck in the world. I hope all your goals for 2010 all happen.

    We love you so much and we look forward to hearing updates regarding your health and schooling. Lots of love and prayers..

    Aunt Jese, Uncle JJ and Peyton