Sunday, January 17, 2010

Misery Love's Company

I've started the pharmacology class........bah humbug!
I'm studying like a mad woman for a NET test next Monday.
After that test it's another test......just to get in to nursing school!

There is nothing like jumpin in with both feet!

Only before it was just me, now I have a partner in crime. My sister-n-law is going back to school to get her RN as well. We are taking the same test on the same day. Like I said, misery loves company.

In my worries about how the children would adjust to less time with mommy, I never thought I could serve as an inspiration to them. Jalyn said to me "mommy, do I get to study when I go to college?" Oh dear, you will "get" to study much sooner than that! He has no idea God bless him!

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  1. As 2 wise women once said, "I'm ******!" Ha! Here's to brain fat!