Thursday, January 14, 2010

If He Lead's you to it.............

(This was the last time I was in nursing school, 2000. I was just a baby!)

He will pull you through it.
I've heard it a million times yet only now am I beginning to grasp the value of this statement.

In taking on the challenge of returning to school with a family I've found that it all seems to be working out.

Child care is pretty much in place for the most part with only minor details to tend to.
Discounts on our everyday bills fell into our laps aiding with the expense of tuition.
I met with an advisor Monday to find that this was the last day to get into a class that is vital for admission into the program in August. I was admitted to the college and signed up for a pharmacology class right then and there. I start school Saturday.

All of my fears about going back to school are slowly but surely disappearing.

I am studying for admission tests that I will need to take very soon. How intimidating having been out of school for so long.

I can't say enough how much the support I've been given means to me.

Here's to a relaxing weekend for you all.

God Bless,


  1. Couldn't be more proud of you! You too have a relaxing and fun week-end. We love you, Mom & Dad

  2. Hooray!!! I know it's scary, but GOOD for you!!!

    Funny...I just got a letter in the mail yesterday congratulating me on getting my doctorate.

    You know, I just might.