Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Movin On

I put on some amount of make-up daily, some day's more than others.
I dress like I have somewhere to go.
I purchased a new grown-up perfume since I've worn the same scent since high school.
I'm volunteering at least twice weekly at J's school.
Leila and I leave the house to go somewhere everyday.
Sewing is my new hobby and I just completed my first project, an apron.
We found a new church home that we adore and attend weekly.
I'm going to be baptized for the first time on my birthday weekend.

I made a conscious decision to do the above things to help me forget that I'm sick. I found that when I'm dressed up and feel good about myself, I'm able to trick myself and the feelings of dread disappear.

I'm not letting my sick heart take over my world. In fact, most days I don't even think about it anymore. Don't get me wrong, once in a great while I still have a good cry for as long as I need, wipe my tears and move on.

I'm really proud of myself.
It's easy to feel sorry for yourself, wonder why me and dwell on the negative.
It's more difficult, in the beginning at least, to concentrate on the positives.
I chose to have faith and trust that God is by my side and in control.

I trust I'm to learn something from this, maybe I already have.


  1. Sissy,

    Now these are the journal entries I LOVE TO READ!!! Focus on all the good things around you, you have TONS to be proud of!! You have TONS of family that love you and support you, we are always here in case you fall. Keep up the GREAT work.... "You go GIRL"!!!


  2. I'm proud of you Kel!!!! Keep up the good spirits... we are praying for you.