Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Am... Here.

I am where the sweet autumn breeze blows through my hair and sends little shivers up my spine.
I am where apples have begun their journey into cider.
I am where my daughter can play outside and feel damp grass under her tootsies.
I am where I can shop and plan for my sister-n-laws baby shower.

I am in Michigan.

I was in bed two weeks ago about to sleep. My soul ached to not be a part of a huge family celebration. My husband requested my presence in the den that night. On his computer screen was an airplane ticket straight to heaven, straight to my family.

I arrived Saturday evening, watched the Michigan game, had a bon fire, roasted marshmallows and thanked Tariq over and over for allowing me this time with my family.

Sunday was spent at the Wren, my favorite country store of all time. I had birthday money to spend and loved every minute of picking out the next item to join my collection of country decor.

Monday I drove into Milford to finalize the cake plans with the bakery. This cake has to be special, has to be unique. Leila and I spent the morning walking the quaint downtown stores, picked up something for brother back home, petting all the dogs that passed us along the way.

My soul needed this trip.
I have been reflecting on my path and the bumpy roads I have been on lately.
The one conclusion I have come to is that everything happens for a reason.
There is a purpose to my life.
My purpose, at least for now, is simply to live.
Live and enjoy the simple everyday pleasures we so often overlook.

What a wonderful life I have.

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  1. Hey Sissy,

    What an AMAZING surprise it WAS... We couldn't have asked for a better gift. Having my sister and god daughter home is a dream. It has been too long since we got to see that beautiful smile.... we never want to see it go away. Cant wait for the shower.. I bet everything will be beautiful. Thanks Bro for letting us have Kelli and Leila for this short while.

    love you ALWAYS,