Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's Talk Football Shall We?

So I realize this is a very girly blog, but I am a girl that loves her football.
The best time of year is upon us and I'm more ready than I've ever been.
Last year was a total disappointment and I believe we are going to totally make up for it this year!

Tomorrow Michigan plays a huge family rival......should I even mention their name......hmmmm...well we'll just refer to them as plain old ND. My sister-n-laws all time favorite team for whatever reason she cannot seem to explain, other than she is what? I'm Irish! Guess I was born into a smarter Irish family (if that's possible:)! Before I go any further, this is all in good fun. Good ol' family trash talk, happens this time every year. I love the girl, but I question her decision making skills every fall. Slowly she's turning towards the maize and blue, she'll come to her senses sooner than later, I'm sure of it. Here is my beautiful sister making a smart decision!
I want to take a moment and thank the University of Oregon for making the decision of suspending LeGarratte Blount for the disgraceful performance after the first game of the season against Boise State. It is a blessing for each of these men to make it to this level in their football career, and to throw it all away due to wounded pride is a terrible waste. I realize he was their star player and I'm sure it wasn't easy to let him go given this season will likely be done and over now, but it was the right decision. My son watches football with me and what a great lesson of how not to act this was. I'm thankful I didn't have to explain to my son that they let him get away with it, I was able to explain the severe punishment he received thus unsportsmanlike behavior gets you nowhere fast. Only if the NFL held the same moral standard as Oregon. If you've been under a rock and wish to see for yourself, here you go:

Just my opinion.



  1. All I can say is GO IRISH.. I may cheer for MICHIGAN too but my heart belongs to the IRISH. What a great game it was.. we may have lost but we put up a GOOD FIGHT.

    I love Football season too, its not fall until the season starts.. I love the cold breeze, The sound of the marching band playing and the crowd cheering.... and cant forget the taste of COLD BEER.... Havent tasted that sweet taste in 7 1/2 months.. but soon enough..

    LOVE YOU SISSY, even if you dont understand why I bleed Navy and Gold...