Monday, September 28, 2009

29 And Holding

I turned twenty-nine.
My whole twenties I've spent warding off the big 3-0 not wanting any part of it.
I've been going through a very personal journey these past few years.
Having married young, mothering two young children, living a world away from your entire family and facing life threatening illnesses have each, in their own way, taken pieces of me and placed them into a bottle and sent out into the big vast ocean.

This weekend I climbed upon a boat in search of Kelli.
Who am I?
What in life is important to me?
Believe me I have some pretty good idea's of what I am, but are they what I want to be?

This weekend I was baptized.
I have just begun a new journey towards the rest of my life.
I'm so excited to share this time with you.
I will be thrilled to turn thirty and thank God for another year here on earth with my family, both near and far.

***A great big thank you to all my friends and family that supported and encouraged me, I love you all!***


  1. My beautiful Sister,

    We are so PROUD of you, being baptized is an amazing experience. We are sorry we were not there to show our support and LOVE... we are in here in Michigan cheering you on.. we are your BIGGEST Fan.

    You are beautiful inside and out, keep smiling and fighting the fight. With lots of LOVE and HOPE.

    your sissy Jese

  2. Congratulations Kelli! You are a beautiful 29 year old, just as you will be a beautiful thrity something and forty something and so on and so on...