Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Staying true to one of my many resolutions, I bought this adorable knit hat for Leila from Cite Fuze on Etsy. Hello, my name is Kelli and I'm addicted to Etsy.

I know what you must be thinking......does it even get cold enough in Arizona for a hat like that? Come on people! A girl can use her imagination!!!

Jalyn and I made it back home safely from our trip to Michigan. While I was cooking and taking care of my mom, Jalyn went sledding, skating and built five snowmen! I don't think that kid would have a problem living in snow, he had a blast.

This week I will be featuring our three dogs. I will write a piece on each of them and their unique personalities. I talk so much about my human children that I have neglected my furry ones.

Oh, and if you haven't read Marley and Me do so.........and grab the Kleenex. If Marley was the "Worlds Worst Dog", than I've got the worlds second, third and fourth:)

If you haven't read The Shack, I highly recommend it. What a great read. Gave me much to think about. I will be posting some quotes from the book and my own personal thoughts on them in the future.

Stay tuned.............

Update on mom: She is doing wonderfully and everyday gets a little better. She plans to return to work next week. Thank you for all your prayers as I'm certain they were heard.

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