Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ya'll Come Back Now Ya Hear???

I hear the thunder of rolling waves, feel the drips of humid ocean air on my skin, and red ice cold strawberry daiquiri's are calling my name.

I am off folks, to put my bum in the sand and my worries to the wind. Watch my kiddo's place their tootsie's in the warm sand and splash in ocean water.

Taking a blogger break for the week. You bet your day-of-the-week undies (seriously, did we all have those as kids?) that I will be back!

I have been working around the clock with my web designer and participating businesses in anticipation for the launch of the new Rie's Dialogues! We have added an amazing lady to the list, check her out here: Tina Steinberg Now go and wipe that drool off your face!

Monday the 26th is the the day (tentatively speaking, you know how these things go) that we will launch my amazing new site! I'm going to even bring a little work with me to that island getaway.......but truly, I don't consider my blog work! This is my new baby and I'm ever so proud to share it with you all.

See you back soon!

1 comment:

  1. If I didn't like you so darned much I'd be insanely jealous!!!

    So, I'm just a good bit jealous but so glad you are going to enjoy a wonderful week of ocean and beach!!!