Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jumping Back Into Civilization

It's harder than I imagined. I went from not even a second of free time to lots of free time, however, it's not all that free. Everything piled up while my mind focused on school and I find myself playing catch up: Planning Jalyn's birthday party, fundraising for his football team (insert here: God bless all you moms out there that do it, talk about a full-time job in itself), completing forms required for the nursing program to which I was formally accepted a few days ago (insert here: what the hell did I get myself into?), creating a new Star Wars room as a birthday gift to J (insert here: what the hell did I get myself into?), finishing the final touches to my new blog site and dealing with technical difficulties on my end (insert here: COX man coming to home tomorrow), deciding how exactly the children will be taken care of during the next year in hell or something close to it, oh, and washing, drying, and folding mountains of laundry that I swear NEVER disappears!
A few things I have found myself to be sure of.

1. I frequent a few places far too often.
Case in point- I pulled up to Walgreen's, and no more than the front of my van was visible (insert here: yes I drive a mom mobile and you drive a Lexus SUV, you suck) and the lady says through her loudspeaker "for Jalyn?"

OK so some parents in the medical field choose to let illness ride out saying things such as you don't need antibiotics for that, it won't help the illness go away any faster... blah blah blah. In my family? If there's a medication that can help ease the aches, pains, rashes, ear infections, red throats, and gosh darn stuffy noses then by gosh, I've got something for it. Seriously, why let yourself be miserable while "riding it out". Nope not me.

2. I pull up to Starbucks and simply place my order. The lady says, again over loudspeaker, "why did you switch from black to green tea?" Seriously people, the least you can do is pipe it down and say this stuff quietly and preserve an inch of what's left of my dignity.

So I've got problems? What mom trying to maintain her right mind doesn't? "Good" moms I suppose. Well I took myself off that list long ago. I am content with being me, the good, the bad, and yes the ugly--all of us moms have the "uglies" but some are chicken to own up to it. I call these times of poor discretion "bad mommy moments." I cry, feel awful, and tell myself they will never remember these "ugly" moments because I provide plenty of amazing ones too.



  1. I'll say you provide plenty of amazing ones!!! CHECK THAT CAKE OUT!!!

    You rock!

    Congrats on the nursing program! You'll do great!

  2. Pictures are great! Hope Cali treats you well, can't wait to see you when you get back!