Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my name is rie

and i'm an addict
starbucks addict that is
i swear they put crack in that stuff

and i'm not talking just the drinks
blueberry muffins, gum, mints...
it's in everything with a starbucks logo

it must be
or there would be something terribly wrong with me

i'll give myself ten more days
ya know
to deal with this addiction

after that i will break it
i will

what are you laughing at
you don't think i can?


well i'm in school with two kids at home
what's your excuse?

i thought so....



  1. There has to be SOMEthing in it that makes normally practical people fork over that much money, day after day, for something you can get for half the price anywhere else. You know you have a habit when your daughter plays "restaurant" and makes herself a smoothie...and "you get a grande iced latte, Mama!" But your situation warrants a daily Starbucks fix - both for the caffeine boost and for the mental/emotional pick-me-up of treating yourself to one little indulgence. Good luck - I'm a random reader that's been following your blog for a few weeks and am impressed by what you're tackling!

  2. Well your on the right step - you admitted you had an addiction, 10 more days won't really matter then you can quite possible stop this addiction "cold turkey". You crack me up "Rie". Now I know who is getting all your time, your addiction, your Mom is missing her "Rie time" hugely! Love You, Mom

  3. Woud you believe I've ony been to Starbucks once in my life - I tried the soy, vanilla cappuccino - it was ok. Only went bc someone gave me a gift card. I might be living under a rock. Coca-Cola is my crack! LOL