Monday, June 21, 2010

june june go away

this month has been so difficult---
1. laundry is piled a mile high
2. the pantry is empty
3. flowers are drooping from lack of attention
4. dogs are lonely
5. i miss my children dearly
6. the house is a wreck
7. i am a terrible blogger
8. and I cried the other day

1. my mr. cleaned, folded and put every mountain away
2. i have already planned my homemade menu for the entire month of july
3. the garden is thriving, i may just be a gardener after all
4. dogs have received some awesome treats--they love when mom feels guilty
5. my children don't give two hoot's about me--they love school and miss it on weekends
6. i have the rest of my life to care about a messy house
7. i will make it up to you beyond your imagination when the new site is launched
8. it felt so good to cry

my mr. put on our wedding song and we danced, barely moving our feet; holding one another so close
that song meant more today than it did 8 years ago
and just like that all the stress in the world disappeared

as stressful as life is today, i am so thankful for this opportunity i have been given. heck, i haven't watched tv in so long our dvr is overloaded---i spent way too much time in front of that thing anyway.

i am learning about different religions and have developed a stronger appreciation for them.
i am learning how to write better--i guess--trying real hard to be positive here

even when times are difficult, if you look around, there is always something positive happening...



  1. As is has been said many, many times, "this too shall pass", maybe just not soon enough but it will pass. Hang in there babe and this will be all but a memory. Ahh.....dancing to your wedding song, what a wonderful man you have honey! And finally, the night you make that great AWESOME chicken pot pie, Dad and I will fly out to AZ for dinner! That alone was so the worth our last trip - finding our daughter in the kitchen with her apron on and a freshly homemade chicken pot pie in the oven ready to eat. We love you, Mom & Dad

  2. I love the picture I had in my head of you and your husband dancing to your wedding song. Precious, precious, precious!!