Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Blessings

Just in time for Easter, we received some good news.
Jafar is not in kidney failure, the initial test at the vet was wrong! No protein in his urine says a lab with "much better equipment". Uh, yeah I'd say so. To go from extreme amounts of protein to none, well, maybe the vet should just chuck their equipment out that fancy window I just paid for!

Nasser is healthy as a mule except he has high cholesterol. Go figure, only my dogs!

This weekend we had a friend of J's over for a slumber party. During the chaos, I managed to whip up a delicious three-layer coconut cream cake. Yummm. I also tried a recipe for mashed pataters, only with a twist. Definitely going to post that recipe here very soon. I promise it is easy (for my open-a-box-stir-add-water=done! know who you are).

Tomorrow the Easter bunny will bring a little white basket and a little brown basket for a good little boy and girl, over flowing with scrumptious treats.

What will the Easter bunny bring mommy? Hopefully some extra time added to the day for a guilt-free's been a busy weekend and this mama's tired.

Happy Easter!!!


  1. Cheers - Here's to barf and broken floors and earthquakes ~ Easter 2010. God has blessed us greatly, and for that I know we are both thankful. And as for Murphey's Law, well,all I can say is at least we were in it together! LOL :)

  2. OH and BTW - b/w I'm glad the farts are doing better. Yeah, I'd say you've paid for the fancy windows and that piece of a machine, twice over by now, I'm sure!