Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Gettin Poopy In Here!

Yup. You read that title correctly.

It seems we have entered the toddler-pulls-off-diaper-leaving-poop-EVERYWHERE-phase. Good gracious me.

I'm tired of cleaning poop off the bedding, the bed rails, the floor, the mirror, the vanity, the dresser......and everywhere else I failed to mention.

I tried to spare Leila public humiliation by posting this topic, but she's going to have to deal as mama needs some help here.

Things we have tried, unsuccessfully:
Diaper backwards
Safety pinning tops to bottoms
Clothes backwards
Potty training

A friend showed me this site so I excitedly ordered three.

Perhaps you readers have words of wisdom to share with this exhausted ma and pops, or perhaps I'm just venting as you sigh and say to me "this stage won't last forever so just hang in".

I feel better already.


  1. No words of wisdom but lots of prayers for quick resolution!!!!!

  2. "This too shall pass", hopefully sooner than later :) We love our precious gift from God. Love Mom

  3. Take zip up footie jammies cut the feet off and put it on backwards!