Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis the season for good old fashioned gift giving. Giving, the best part. There's no better feeling than making someone else happy.

In need of some ideas? Here are a few of my favorite things. Maybe this will help you shop for that special woman in your lives!

My favorite perfume, Heavenly by Victoria Secret.

Stationary. A friend gave this to me as a gift once and I loved it. Things like this you typically wouldn't buy for yourself.

Jewelry is always a nice option, but this gals jewelry is amazing and unique! The Vintage Pearl. I would love one with my two darlings names (hint, hint Santa!)

For the woman that loves to cook/bake. This is one of my favorite cook books.

The most adorable hair pieces I've ever seen. Sophisticated yet fun! I have one and always receive comments! Bebecha.

An apron is one of the best gifts you could give this gal! Here is my favorite.

If your a grandparent, a loving auntie or a really awesome friend, the gift of babysitting so she can have a night with her hubby would be so thoughtful! Believe me, the best of gifts is giving your time.

My fav lip gloss in "You're Golden"! It's a neutral tone and looks great on everyone, even has gold flecks in it!

Well now, there you have it. If your sitting on the fence of indecision than hopefully your off it after reading this!

Happy shopping!

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