Monday, December 14, 2009


Leila had her Dedication to the Lord this Sunday.
She felt like a princess in her new outfit up on stage.

Here she is sneaking a peak!

Jalyn was very proud to be a part of his sister's big day.

My shy little love bug.

We went out to lunch afterwards, just the four of us. We had a wonderful time until...... Two people asked what was wrong with Leila's face and I cried. I am very protective of my baby and I couldn't find the words to put them in their place. I was ashamed of myself for not speaking up and angry at them for having the nerve to ask such a thing. The world is so cruel. I'm so thankful that our inner circle is so incredibly supportive and loving. Jalyn had no problem celebrating!

Her first strawberry shake! Think she's intoxicated from the delicious cream!

My boys sitting across from me, I had the best view by far.



  1. Hey Sissy,

    I am sorry those RUDE people messed up your PERFECT day! Why people feel they can be so rude and outspoken is beyond me. I am sooo sorry you had to deal with that. Leila is the MOST beautiful little girl I have ever seen.... her smile melts your heart, her eye's have the most beautiful sparkle to them and her love for just about everything is what makes her BEAUTIFUL. Dont listen to those BONE HEADS.... We are so proud of you and I bet you handled your self with grace and dignity.

    Congratulations my GODDAGHTER... we wish we could have been there on your big day. Aunt Jese loved your outfit... pretty as a picture. Love you lots...

    Aunt Jese, Uncle JJ and Peyton Pie

  2. They did WHAT?! What makes people in this "politically correct" society think they can do that? I have had many situations in life where I was in a situation where I felt I needed to tell someone off. Those are always the times I have no good retort, I stutter and stammer with no real point, or I cry! Ya know what? I think sometimes it is God's way of keeping me from making something worse, or from being a poor witness of what it means to be a Christian...still frustrates me to no end when I desperately want to let some JERK have it with both barrels!!! :) Leila is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and she is PERFECT just as she is. If only those strangers knew how much joy and love she has brought to you and so many others (some that have never even gotten to meet her in person ;) She is a special little girl and you are a special family. Congratulations on your dedication, sweet little princess! Merry Christmas!

  3. You just should have responded "What are you talking about, she looks beautiful to me!"

  4. Congratulations to Leila, the most BEATIFUL little girl I have ever seen!!!