Monday, November 19, 2012


The most difficult thing in life for me is making a decision.  Once I do, I can say with complete certainty that I have thoroughly weighed out the pros and con's.  In order for me to move through this life in a positive way, I must have inner peace.  It ain't always easy.  I, like so many others, carry the "what-ifs" with me.  What if....this person thinks negatively about me, if I am doing more harm than good, the right decision is being made....and so it goes.  

Most of you know that my marriage has ended.  Hands down this has been, and continues to be, the most difficult experience of my life.  I do not wish to discuss the details, out of respect for everyone involved, nor will I ever write about it here.  I only wish to address it this once and move forward, surrounding myself and my children with love, positivity and perseverance.  

So came the decision.....what do I do with this blog I have kept for so long?  Do I place this little spot of mine in the "let it go" cup or do I continue to fill this cup with new beginnings? Writing has always been therapeutic for me and I thoroughly enjoy writing about the daily gift's God has blessed me with.  This blog, in a cheesy way I know, is like a myself, my children, and maybe even some people who have been touched by the simple writings contained within. 

I've made a decision...the blog stays. There are still positive thoughts to explore, happy days ahead and memories to be made.

I'll see you there.