Monday, October 3, 2011

Just a quickie


1st- need to start blogging again.
A) I get to live life twice
B) it's therapeutic
C) some really amazing things are happening in my life right now

Now back to the rewind button:

Since I last wrote I was diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome. I have started chemotherapy in an effort to tame my stinking immune system. Yuck.

Leila had massive reconstructive surgery to her face which is turning out beautifully (thank you Dr. Leighton, or dr dude, as Leila refers to him as. Yes I will post pictures, at some point.

Just stopped by to say hello and write a quick update. I need a keyboard for this darn I pad before I can type more---never have hit the backspace button so much in my entire life!!! But I do love you oh I pad, I do!!!


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  1. Dear Kelli,
    I am Jennifer Graham-Vogt's mom. I was going through my old emails, and a long time ago, Jen told me about your blog. I had saved the email and read some of your blog today. I just wanted you to know that I will pray for your healing. Always know that God is with you and he will love you and take care of you.
    With love,
    Julie Graham