Monday, February 22, 2010

The Occasion: The Princess Ball
In Attendance: Daddy, Jidu and a beautiful princess.

Activities: A magical night of dinner and dancing.
Special Moments: Jidu presented Leila with a petite corsage to match her dress. She then grabbed his hand and showed him to her room to which I said "ummmm Jidu, I don't know about this going to her room business on the first date! To which he replied "I'm too old to worry about". Here's to Leila dating much older men.


  1.! Could those pictures (and her priceless smiles) be any more precious???? NO!! SO sweet!

  2. Oh, my she is beautiful! And the "much older man" doesn't look to bad himself :) Now where is Daddy and daughter's picture? Love Mom

  3. Wow.. how beautiful is our little Angel. She does look so big, I love her curly hair. She is much more beautiful than the real Cinderella. Mommy you did a great job getting her ready for her ball.

    Love you,
    Aunt Jese