Monday, February 15, 2010


Jalyn peeps out the window of my van on the way to school. Hoping to not be seen yet hoping to be seen. There she is, holding the STOP sign for all the children to pass. "Hel-llll-oooo De-li-cious" he says. "Jalyn!" I say, "you are too young to be caught up in a girl." (Especially a girl thirty-times your age). She is his delicious. Long blond hair, long legs, and high heels. But most importantly, he loves her knowledge of books, she is after all the librarian. On Valentine's Day, he swept her off her feet with a box of chocolates and a hug and she swept him off his by letting him pick out a spooky-mystery book. "I can handle it", he tells her, "I'm very brave ya know".

My Valentine's Day was spent with family as we celebrated two birthdays. Why not make a family dinner romantic? Candles were lit, rose petals were scattered and kids were screaming. I wouldn't have it any other way as I was with after all, my delicious.


  1. Jalyn has game. What can you say? Glad you posted this one! ha ha.

    And thanks for the birthday romance. Gotta get it somewhere! LOL

  2. This story was adorable! I was hanging on to the edge of my seat!