Friday, November 20, 2009

Romance Redefined

In the earlier years of my life romance appeared in the forms of diamonds, candle light, extravagant date nights and babysitters.

Maybe what someone views as "romantic" changes with age, or perhaps, changes with life.

My husband is the most romantic man I know.

It's what he does out of selflessness that gets my motor running!

Coffee is always prepared the night before for when I wake.
Breakfast is usually made to ensure I get some protein into my hectic day.
Lunch dates at home in between visits with patients.
Laundry, the man does laundry. Folds, hangs and irons.
Music is added to my MP3 and placed in my car for my listening pleasure during errands.
My car was filled with gas and newly cleaned when I arrived home from Michigan.
His eyes fill with love when giving the children his full attention.
Bath time, bedtime, homework, whatever the need he jumps right in to help.

I cherish everyday God gives me with this man.

May all women be as fulfilled romantically as I am.

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  1. I think I need to take some time to think of all the things my hubby does for me that I'm too busy to notice...Thanks for posting this :) Glad that you're doing so well! We need to see new pictures of Leila!